Amongst the vineyards emerges a beacon, a signal in the sea of green leaves. FARO (spanish for lighthouse) is a place to retreat, a celebration of the landscape and a connection to mother nature. Its beauty is not simply drawn from its elegant shape, but rather from the multitude of impressions, sensations and emotions experienced by its visitors.

Status: Finalist at the Concentrico 06 Design Festival
Location: Vina Lanciano, Spain
Collective A: Ary Altman, Cristina Garza Lasierra, Henry Unterreiner
Period: 2019

Architecture rendering of a concept project for Concentrico Festival 06
ew tower spiral CNC architecture
Engineering concept sketch tower festival design Spain
Engineering detail tower competition concept architecture festival Logrono
Physical architecture model lasercut bent wood kerf patterns
tower architecture model bent wood kerf pattern
Night render among vineyards faro concept lighthouse

P.H. (Horizontal Property)

PH is a project exploring the way light and shadows can be used to shape the interior atmosphere of a traditional housing typology commonly found in Buenos Aires: Propiedad Horizontal. Typically dark with inefficient arrangement of space, the architecture of the place is enhanced through the design of the natural lighting and the elegant furniture designed for the house.

Status: Built
Location: Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Collective A: Ary Altman
Collaborators: Estudio AIDA
Period: 2019

refurbishment airbnb buenos aires interior design curtain staircase
living room architecture design furniture sofa
light architecture furniture interior design
collage rendering design palette colours
architecture render atmosphere interior render living room
exploded axonometric interior architecture drawing detail
architecture floor plan

Destiny Garden School

Located in the poor suburbs of Mombasa, this charity project aimed at providing a library and a dining shelter for the 500 children at Destiny Garden School. This project was an adventure in itself, involving long collaborative design nights, several site visits and joining forces as a team to deliver the project in a challenging environment.

Status: Built
Location: Mtongwe, Kenya
Collective A: Constantino Baranda, Henry Unterreiner
Collaborators: Destiny Children, Allies & Morrison, Arup, Local Kenyan Contractors
Period: 2017

Destiny Garden School construction site Kenya Mombasa
collage rendering design palette colours
Destiny Garden School charity project engineering sketch construction shelter timber
Destiny garden school charity project drill kenya construction
engineering detail construction site architecture destiny garden school charity project
destiny garden school timber roof structure kenya engineering architecture

Building in Palermo

Commissioned by a private client and built on a narrow site between two existing buildings, the building consists of a series of concrete planes creating a duality between the simplicity of the floor plans and the sculptural quality of vertical spaces.This project is an exploration in ways of occupying undetermined space, a research into flexibility of uses. It is a transformation of common areas into new spaces of interest, emphasising the circulation within the building and inviting users to explore these extraordinary spaces.

Status: Work-in-Progress
Location: Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Collective A: Ary Altman
Collaborators: Estudio AIDA
Period: 2019 - Present

Concrete exposed engineering palermo buenos aires
architecture drawing section through building the collective a design
formwork site construction the collective a buenos aires concrete structure
Palermo architecture construction site formwork concrete structure

Cloud Pergola

One of the world’s largest and most complex structures to be entirely 3D printed at the time, the Cloud Pergola is an installation crossing the boundaries of architecture, art, engineering, robotic fabrication, and computational models. Formed of more than 300kg of biodegradable plastic, the pavilion is an exploration into new languages of architecture through the use of disruptive digital fabrication techniques.

Status: Built
Location: Arsenale, Venice, Italy
Collective A: Henry Unterreiner
Collaborators: Bruno Juričić, Alisa Andrasek, Madalin Gheorghe, Arup, Ai-Build, Skira Architectural Lighting, FormFutura
Period: 2018

architecture biennale cloud pergola croatian pavilion the collective a 3d printing structure
robotic arm 3D printing cloud pergola workshop the collective a venice biennale
3D printed mesh for the croatian pavilion at the Venice biennale the collective a
Arsennale at the venice biennale of architecture the collective a room 3D printing pavilion
assembly 3D printed pavilion Cloud pergola venice biennale
The cloud pergola for the architecture biennale the collective A 3D printing art sculpture structure design

Devoke Water Boathouse

Lost amongst the mountains of the Lake District, the Boathouse has been standing on the shore of its own lake for more than 200 years. Sensitive to the heritage and ecology of the place, our team is designing a restoration plan to turn the building into an architectural holiday cabin with a sustainable model to operate it fully off-grid.

Status: Work-in-Progress
Location: Lake District, UK
Collective A: Cristina Garza Lasierra, Henry Unterreiner
Collaborators: Ewan & Iona Frost Pennington, Lisa Mullan, Jenny Holden-Wilde, Yunbo Liu, Alex Beunza, Adam Pearson, David Lewis, Max Comfort
Period: 2019 - Present

historic picture boathouse devoke water lake district restoration plan
restoration devoke water boathouse lake district the collective a
architectural render the collective a devoke water boathouse design corten heritage
interior render design architecture small cabin the collective a
architectural physical model the collective a foam board laser cut
site survey lake district devoke water the collective a surveying station

Plant Pot Table

This piece of furniture is made from a circular iron top supported by three 6mm diameter tubular legs and powder coated in black. This piece of furniture is neither a table nor a plant pot. It is both. It avoids the dramatic challenge that the client has to face when deciding on how to decorate the table.

Status: Built
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Collective A:
Ary Altman

plant pot table interior design furniture steel plate green decoration the collective a
plant pot table interior design furniture steel plate green decoration the collective a
FARO - Vina Lanciano, Spain
P.H. - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Destiny Garden School - Kenya
Building in Palermo - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Cloud Pergola at the Architecture Biennale - Venice, Italy
Devoke Water Boathouse - Lake District, UK
Plant Pot Table - Argentina

"The Collective A is a multidisciplinary design group blending Architecture, Engineering and Making in our everyday practice.

Based in London, we offer design services from small domestic projects to wide reaching community place-making interventions."