The collective A builds, draws and researches about architecture. We believe architecture gives form to our collective understanding of who we all are. We are interested in contemporary popular cultures and in vernacular traditions and crafts. That’s our main project material and our startpoint in every project. We create from preexistentence to shape amazing spaces.


Our conceptual understanding of structural behaviors combined with our structural analysis tools enables us to design elegant structures. Our team has extensive experience delivering projects of various scales spanning across the fields of art, new-built, and existing buildings.

Digital Fabrication:

Robots are our friends! They are accurate, tireless and fun to play with. Our collective is embracing the power of novel digital manufacturing techniques to reduce our impact on the built environment and explore new language in Architecture.


Our team is passionate about design, collaboration, and making things come to life. Each of our projects is a story we live collaboratively from the initial concept sketch to the completion of the construction.